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Fundraising Ideas

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Instead of donating to Community for Heroes maybe you would prefer to spread the word of CfH by hosting your own Fundraising event.  What a great way to “help up” those At-Risk Veterans who are in need.


The opportunities are endless but creativity is the key!  Here are a few ideas just to get you started but don’t be limited to such a short list, let your creativity shine!!!

• Dress-down days at work: $5 donation to Community for Heroes and you can wear jeans every Friday or every Friday during Military Appreciation Month (May). You can pass out Community for Heroes flyers to all fellow employees and make them aware of who you are raising the funds to benefit.

• Community Bake Sale: Get your fellow baker friends involved and set up a community Bake Sale on a selected Saturday morning! Making it a community event will get more people involved, and you can invite your friends and family to join.

• Neighborhood raffle: Identify a neat prize, or a few neat prizes, people would love to own. Distribute a flyer or send email to all members of your neighborhood letting them know about the raffle and Community for Heroes. Then, sell raffle tickets 1 for $1 or 6 for $5; draw the ticket on a designated day and notify the neighborhood who the winner is and how much money was raised for our Veterans. Get your kids involved.

• Facebook Fundraiser: Create a fundraiser for your birthday, in memory of a loved one, or just because through Community for Heroes Facebook page. You can set a specific goal and use the power of social media to inspire support from people in your network. It’s super easy! The funds raised go directly to Community for Heroes’s bank account and the donor receives a receipt from Facebook.

• Trivia or Bingo Night: Who doesn’t love Bingo! Do a $25 donation for a fun time and a great cause. Find a venue willing to donate the space (local community center, restaurant, friend’s house, etc.). Collect donated items from local businesses or purchase materials to play and create a fun invitation to send to family, friends, and colleagues. You can even consider collecting a few silent auction items for people to bid on in between rounds!

• BBQ or Cookout: For $10-$15 a plate guests can fill their bellies while changing the lives of Veterans. Make it a red, white and blue or military theme, play good music, have fun games, and donation buckets at all the tables. Be creative.

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