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Our Mission and Summary

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Summary: What we will be doing here at Defenders' Retreat

Be Apart of The Community

We plan to build relationships with professional partners in the area to help those in our community. Maybe they already have a home and just having hard times or maybe they’re looking for comradery with others or just want to hang out with likeminded individuals to uplift and support each other.

Hands-On Support

We look forward to providing a personal approach with everyone who comes to us for help to ensure their success. We strive to have a personal approach with all the veterans that are just coming in daily for advice or comradery whether we provide that directly of direct them to one of our partners in the area. And, when possible, we’ll arrange for transportation to ensure that they can get where they need to go to get that help.

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Decrease Suicide

The number of veterans and active-duty that have committed suicide in TN as of 2014 were 945. In 2015 there were 1,065. We will work with our partners and others in the area to do our best to reduce those numbers drastically.

Short & Long Term Housing

Our goal is to provide 100 or more homes for our veterans in Cookeville TN. We plan to provide short-term and long-term housing to those in need. This will be with our partners and other resources with On-The-Job-Training (OJT) in areas needed to help Our Veterans reintegrate back into the community.

Money & Time Management

We plan to assist our veterans in getting back to their independence, we will offer money management, time management, and basic home maintenance in addition to other aids with the help and support from pour partners. Our goal is to provide these services to assist in their future and life after they buy their own home as well as their time in the Community For Heroes.

Our Mission Statement

  • To foster a means for our veterans to empower themselves and receive the respect they have earned by their military service as they defended Our Country.

  • To construct safe and affordable housing for at-risk and vulnerable veterans.

  • To reintegrate at-risk veterans back into the community.

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