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Be Apart of The Community

If you or someone you know can benefit from our community please contact us directly by phone or email. Our community is not just for homeless. Maybe you already have a home and you’re just having hard times or maybe you’re looking to have comradery or just want to hang out.

Decrease Suicide

The number of veterans and active-duty that have committed suicide in TN as of 2014 were 945. In 2015 there were 1,065. We’d like to completely eliminate those numbers.

Short & Long Term Housing

Our goal is to provide 100 or more homes for our veterans in Cookeville TN. We will provide short-term housing in addition to long-term housing. We hope to provide this service to the entire Upper Cumberland area.

Hands-On Support

It’s important that we have a personal approach with everyone in our program to ensure their success. We would like to have a personal approach with all the veterans that are just coming in daily for advice or comradery. We will provide a step-by-step program to help with immediate needs day-to-day activities including limited transportation and future planning.

Self-Sustaining Community

Our future goals include many more facilities to allow us to be self-sustaining. These include a recreational center, galley, garage, learning center, service dog training facility, gym, barber shop, day care, local vendor shops, and other facilities as well.

Money & Time Management

To assist our veterans in getting back to their independence, we offer money management, time management and basic home maintenance in addition to other aids. Our goal is to provide these tools to assist in their future and life after they buy their own home as well as their time in the community.

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