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Website Notes

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Pending: Please let me know of any edits, changes, and/or thoughts via Email

1031 0020: Changed Halloween page as needed.

0918 2200: Reworded the text on the 'Our Mission and Summary' page

0905 2400: Redid the Events to be more like a calendar. Added September: Brunch For The Brave (C/O Joshua).

0831 2010: Hid the Partners Page. Removed outside pix of housing, added 'blueprints' of housing to slideshow. 

0826 1000: REF: David's reply to 8/25 email.

0825 2132: Sent 'need help' email to the CFH Team.

0824 2230: Resized the Team Images in Mobile for consistency (some were smaller than others).

0820 2320: Added Emails (icons) for Mike and David on the 'Our Team' page.  I sent emails to both of you, CC'd me.

0819 2320: Removed Calendar 1. Rearranged Camping page added Drone Pics.

0813 2200: Miscellaneous adjustments. Removed 'Events Calendar'.

0804 2100: Everything is a Page, eliminated scrolling...

0802 2245: Added Their Housing Page. The old page is still available as the Subpage.

0731 2230: Changed Bobby's picture

0730 2200: Added Team Pictures, Gate and Wall image to the scrolling Gallery on the main page.

0729 2030: Some changes and additions, Scrolling Gallery.

♦ Menu Change: Our Team is now a 'Page'

♦ Menu Change: 'Events Calendar' under 'Events'

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